Conservation-restauration de mobilier et objets d'art


Our conservation-restoration techniques are adapted to and always respectful of the principles of reversibility and deontological rules. Our methodology is built on essential principles :
  • The establishment of a condition report and a diagnosis of alterations to the work make it possible to immediately target the possible options for restoration.
  • Different intervention proposals are then discussed among the members of the team. The equilibrium between preventive and curative interventions, as well as restoration and conservation efforts are the subject of deep, collective consideration.
It is imperative that our work respects the history of your property, while allowing it to recover its artistic character. Together, we discuss and determine the best mode of intervention.
Conservation-restauration de mobilier et objets d'art


At Ebénisterie Michel Jamet, traditional expertise is married with specific modern techniques. Polychrome marquetry of wood, Boulle marquetry, burin engraving, restoration of chairs, and traditional and modern finishes as well as work with tortoiseshell, horn, parchment, bone, and mother-of-pearl, characterise the repertoire of artisanal techniques that we use.

The workshop is also interested in the latest published research and current issues in conservation and restoration. Vacuum air techniques, chemical deoxidation of metals, regeneration of glues and finishes, and the natural aging of wood are processes used in addition to our traditional know-how.