Détail d'une restauration de marqueterie. Conservation-restoration

The Ebénisterie Michel Jamet offers top-tier versatile services to its clients. The workshop is specialized in the conservation and restoration of furniture, antique objects and artwork. The team handles public and private cultural property with particular consideration for maintaining the authenticity and longevity of the objects. Backed by the Direction des Musées de France, the workshop works directly with National Museums and Ministries. EMJ has been recognized for many years for the exceptional quality of its conservation work, informed by an unfailing respect for the deontological ethics of the trade.



Création Michel Jamet 2Creation

Alongside conservation and restoration, EMJ also proposes the creation of new furniture on commission.  New creations can be inspired by existing pieces (replicas/period pieces/etc.) or constitute unique contemporary projects. The products are realized using only traditional fabrication techniques, which enhance the authentic nature of the work.